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Antispark switch with push button

A simple and reliable solution to turn your e-vehicle ON/OFF using a latching switch/pushbutton

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This product comes with the push-button included. If you want a switch without the push-button please visit this product.

You can use this switch to turn on/off your electric vehicle with a nice metal LED illuminated push-button. This is also useful to avoid sparking when connecting an ESC or other load to your battery.

Why should you use it?

  • You can safely switch high voltage and high amperage devices with ease!
  • Avoid sparks when plugging connectors together
  • Aesthetically pleasing push-button which lights up when the switch is ON (not supplied)


  • Maximum continuous amperage: 120A
  • Maximum peak amperage: 200A for a few seconds
  • Maximum voltage: 13S (56V)
  • Switch body dimensions: 41mm*26mm*12mm (1.61" * 1.02" * 0.47")
  • Power wires: 10cm (both input&output)
  • Push button wires: 15cm (connector on one end)

Recommended push button parameters: 12V LED voltage and at least 5V for switching. The push button must be latching and connected as shown on the diagram included in the package and in pictures above. Use the C and NO terminals of your push button. You can purchase one from us separately here.

Please read the included instructions before installing. This is important to avoid damaging the switch or other components. We are not responsible for any damages caused due to incorrect use or installment of our devices.

Package includes:

  • Anti-spark switch (with power wires)
  • Push button with wire and connector
  • Instructions

Please do not remove the black heat-shrink, doing this will void any warranty since doing this exposes the sensitive electronics to direct ingress of water, dust and other potentially harmful elements.

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